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Pitch Presenting

“When we are selling our ideas, the audience must first buy us”
             Peter Coughter, author and entrepreneur

By the time you’ve reached the final stages of tendering for a contract, you know that on paper, you and your firm have met all the technical requirements. How are you going to clinch the deal? Usually, it all comes down to the pitch.
Do your values match those of the hiring firm? Is your USP clear enough? Do they trust you and believe they can work with you?

I will sit in on your preparation and rehearsals, either online or in person and film key parts of it. Together we will review and analyse your pitch, looking at elements such as structure, communication skills and client focus.

You’ll enjoy:

Discovering how to make teamwork, work

Come across as a team, not a group of individuals

Exploring how to land key messages with impact

Have confidence in the structure and clarity of your pitch

Learning how to pitch effectively using video conferencing technology

Understand the benefits of framing, lighting and correct camera usage

Being empowered to continue and refine your learning

Receive immediate feedback on your rehearsals, and incorporate this to strengthen your pitch

I recommend two coaching sessions but can tailor the training to suit you.

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