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video conferencing

Technology is best when it brings people together”
                                   Matt Mullenweg, web developer

Video conferencing software is playing an increasingly important role in our business communications, especially when it’s not possible to meet in person. And for some people it adds a layer of technology with which they are not comfortable. How do you make a meaningful connection with your audience through a screen? How do you use the tools that video conferencing offers to make your presentation more engaging?

I can help, working with you individually or in small groups using video conferencing software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

You’ll enjoy:

Having a plan of action that suits you

Benefit from a bespoke coaching plan that fits your specific needs, priorities, and availability

Looking good on camera

Understand how you benefit from correct use of camera, lighting and framing

Understanding video conferencing tools

Get hands-on with Chat, Whiteboards and Breakout Rooms

Being empowered to continue and refine your learning

Embrace and develop an enhanced technology skillset

Invest an hour of your time in learning these skills and you’ll never look back.

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